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Jazz Piano Pro Mastermind

Jazz Piano Pro Mastermind is designed to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience in mastering a Jazz Piano Pro Repertoire.

Jazz Piano Pro Mastermind | Online Workshop

Jazz Piano Pro Mastermind is a comprehensive online workshop for Students seeking to master their Jazz Piano skills in the most effective manner and build an impressive Repertoire with a trusted support network. 

This is an immersive 12 month experiential program that meets online twice a week for a 2 hour interactive video workshop on this website with Instructor, Darrius Willrich.

Darrius provides insightful lessons on mastering Jazz Piano playing techniques with assignments that build an amazing Repertoire; this workshop includes demonstrations and group discussions. 

The goal is for each Student to learn and know at least ten Jazz Piano songs by the end of the program; potentially more.

Get The Mindset Of A Jazz Piano Pro

Full access to the Jazz Piano Pro Essentials course is included with the Mastermind program for Students who want to improve their piano playing ability and fully benefit from the Mastermind program.

Jazz Piano Pro Essentials is the ideal way to prepare for the Mastermind program; especially for those who are new to playing Jazz Piano or may need a refresher on any of the course sections as it provides a quick and simple way to learn techniques and methods that will be used during the Mastermind workshops.

Limited Enrollment

The Jazz Piano Pro Mastermind program facilitates a minimum of 12 Students with an average of 15 per workshop.

Enrollment for the Jazz Piano Pro Mastermind is open until May 31 and the program commences in June.

Early enrollment is encouraged as space in the Mastermind program is on a first come, first served basis to qualified Students.

How To Join

Students can reserve an exclusive spot in the Mastermind program by scheduling a video conference with instructor, Darrius Willrich.

Darrius will address any questions about piano playing capabilities, course curriculum, payment plans and workshop schedule.


Reservations for next year’s Mastermind program are also being accepted and Students may apply by using the contact form below.

If there are any other questions or inquiries about the Mastermind program that are not covered in the FAQs, please let Darrius know.

Jazz Piano Pro Mastermind is an intensive 12 month program with 2 hour video conferences twice a week.
Students receive an email receipt confirmation followed by a welcome email to Jazz Piano Pro Mastermind with important details about logging into the course platform and how to schedule an Orientation with Darrius. Students also have full access to the entire Jazz Piano Pro Essentials course and may download the accompanying pdf manual.
Jazz Piano Pro Essentials is also included with the Jazz Piano Pro Mastermind program and is the perfect course for beginners. Jazz Piano Pro Essentials begins with the basics: learning the keyboard, flats and sharps and how to learn scales with a method called clusters. Once Jazz Piano Pro Essentials is completed, the Student will be enrolled in the next available Jazz Piano Pro Mastermind program.
We want you to be 100% invested in this process and come out the other side feeling confident at the keyboard. If you commit the time and do the practice, we’re confident that Jazz Piano Pro Essentials will work for you. However, if you don’t absolutely love it, just contact us within 14 days of purchase and let us know why Jazz Piano Pro Essentials didn’t work out for you and Darrius will provide a full refund; it’s as simple as that.
Students must be able to play a complete Jazz Piano song with relative ease. If Students are unable to meet this requirement, they may complete the included Jazz Piano Pro Essentials course and a spot will be saved for them until they can meet the basic standard.
Jazz Piano Pro Mastermind | 12 Month Workshop

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